Why Hinkley Point C is in trouble

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The world’s most expensive power station project, a new nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point C in the UK, still hasn’t reached financial close, despite backing from the UK, French and Chinese governments. It might be best for the UK if … Continued

Markets versus economics

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The turbulent financial markets in early 2016 can be seen as a battle between two groups of ideas – the economists see little reason for sudden concern but the markets are worried about hidden risks * Global stock markets performed worse … Continued

When bank notes were fun

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The ever fascinating blog of the New York Fed tells us that, among the many different types of bank note issued by around 1,600 US banks during the nineteenth century, some included pictures of Santa Claus. Only in 1861 did the Federal … Continued

Why nuclear?

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Nuclear energy brings a lot of problems but it is a necessary part of the fight against climate change * I recently did a webinar about the planned new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset, based on part … Continued