Dragon ladies

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The myth of the scheming woman is one that pops up in many cultures. In the UK, for example, we talk of Lady Macbeth when we want to describe a devious woman who is held responsible for a hapless mere … Continued

MFin graduation 2012

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Despite far too much rain, the graduation of last year’s MFin class was a great and memorable event. It was crowned by a reunion gig after dinner in the beautiful Queens College Old Hall, by the MFin band put together … Continued

Criteria for scholarships

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I wish the MFin fees were lower but they are set in line with the market. And student fees are the main source of revenue for Cambridge Judge Business School. The School gives some scholarships and of course there are … Continued


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As it turned out, my trip to Zuccotti Park on Sunday while on a trip to New York was just in time, as the protesters were moved on less than 48 hours later. It struck me as a pretty benign … Continued

Non-finance activities

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MFins have many hidden talents. Some of them formed a band this year and were kind/foolish enough to invite me to play along with them on a couple of songs after a dinner at Churchill College. On this rather hazy … Continued

Ever less choice

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Since the MFin began two and a half years ago, we have been steadily reducing student choice. Not in the sense of cutting out electives – on the contrary, there are more options than ever. But in the sense of … Continued