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MBA and MFin

There is an amusing FedEx TV commercial available on YouTube which has the slogan “Even an MBA can do it.” Perhaps this shows there is a gentle backlash against the pretentions of MBAs in the US, the numbers of which have grown to rival lawyers. But at Cambridge Judge Business School the MBA and MFin… Continue Reading

“Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”

On Saturday I accompanied a group of MFin students to see the belated “Wall Street” sequel. This was strictly for entertainment – not part of the syllabus. The consensus was it was pretty average. Moderately entertaining, with some good attention to detail (the actors playing Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner were carefully chosen). But the… Continue Reading

The new class

Another year begins… ¬†While most people think of a year as starting in January, the cycle in Cambridge gets going in September (when the new MFin and MBA students arrive) and fully in October (when official term starts and the 11,000 undergraduates turn up). Our 33 new students arrived on Tuesday – well actually one… Continue Reading