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The power of passion

One of my students yesterday told me he was going to listen to a speech called “How to live a passionate life”. Another told me she had a passion for human development. A common message from the many careers and life guidance posts on LinkedIn is that you should follow your passion to have a… Continue Reading

Go east – but only if you speak Mandarin

Two forces fuel the growth of financial services. First, the growth of household income leads to demand for basic banking then saving and pension products. This in turn drives the growth of commercial banks and institutional savings businesses like pension funds, insurance companies and mutual funds. Second, the growth of the corporate sector drives the… Continue Reading

Hedge funds as employers

MFin and MBA students often ask about working for hedge funds. I’ve never worked for a hedge fund but used to have several as clients and have done some consulting for a couple, which gave me some inside perspectives. Most hedge funds are small businesses and there are thousands of them, often employing only 20-30… Continue Reading

What sort of people work in finance?

Cambridge University’s Judge Business School has a strong collaborative ethos. So for example students are not “incentivised” by being told their grades relative to each other. We tell them the actual mark, the class mean and standard deviation but no ranking. The view is that there is plenty of competition out in the rest of… Continue Reading