Ever less choice

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Since the MFin began two and a half years ago, we have been steadily reducing student choice. Not in the sense of cutting out electives – on the contrary, there are more options than ever. But in the sense of … Continued

The non-finance stuff

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There has been a discussion in the Financial Times recently on the theme that business schools ignore business. A professor at London Business School, Freek Vermeulen, argued that most of what is taught at business schools is not based on … Continued

MBA and MFin

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There is an amusing FedEx TV commercial available on YouTube which has the slogan “Even an MBA can do it.” Perhaps this shows there is a gentle backlash against the pretentions of MBAs in the US, the numbers of which … Continued

MFin and MBA

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A common question is whether someone should apply for a master of finance degree or an MBA. In the US, the conventional two year MBA allows time to cover the same modules as a one year finance masters. In that … Continued

The new class

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Another year begins…  While most people think of a year as starting in January, the cycle in Cambridge gets going in September (when the new MFin and MBA students arrive) and fully in October (when official term starts and the … Continued