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Why grading class participation is wrong

Giving marks for class participation is inefficient, unfair and offers an excuse for poor teaching. It is not allowed on the Cambridge MFin. * The majority of business schools include class participation in grading of students, typically 20-30% of the total mark and sometimes more. The justification is that it rewards the type of behaviour that… Continue Reading

Are today’s students revolting?

Here is a letter from a US professor who is retiring after 40 years of teaching. He complains of the sense of entitlement among today’s students and says he “grew increasingly weary of all the whining, crying, excuse-making, and general lack of attention to responsibility that appear to characterize most of today’s college and university students.”… Continue Reading

Why we force MFin students to study econometrics

Econometrics is a branch of applied statistics that deals with the sort of data found in economics (including finance). I believe it’s important for anybody aspiring to a senior position in finance to understand the basic elements of econometrics. These elements include: statistical inference, hypothesis testing, sampling and the method of estimating a linear regression… Continue Reading

Changes to the MFin programme for 2011-12

Changes to the MFin programme for 2011-12 1.     Ending Investment Management Project (IMP) 2.     Conversion of second half of Econometrics core to an elective 3.     Change in required number of electives from 8 to 7 4.     New elective in advanced corporate finance We are making four changes to the MFin teaching programme for the next… Continue Reading

Ever less choice

Since the MFin began two and a half years ago, we have been steadily reducing student choice. Not in the sense of cutting out electives – on the contrary, there are more options than ever. But in the sense of reducing the decisions required of students about how to organise their work and timetable. And… Continue Reading

The non-finance stuff

There has been a discussion in the Financial Times recently on the theme that business schools ignore business. A professor at London Business School, Freek Vermeulen, argued that most of what is taught at business schools is not based on research and that is because so much of the research is not directed at the… Continue Reading

MBA and MFin

There is an amusing FedEx TV commercial available on YouTube which has the slogan “Even an MBA can do it.” Perhaps this shows there is a gentle backlash against the pretentions of MBAs in the US, the numbers of which have grown to rival lawyers. But at Cambridge Judge Business School the MBA and MFin… Continue Reading

MFin and MBA

A common question is whether someone should apply for a master of finance degree or an MBA. In the US, the conventional two year MBA allows time to cover the same modules as a one year finance masters. In that case the students spend two years but get a lot more than just finance knowledge.… Continue Reading

The new class

Another year begins…  While most people think of a year as starting in January, the cycle in Cambridge gets going in September (when the new MFin and MBA students arrive) and fully in October (when official term starts and the 11,000 undergraduates turn up). Our 33 new students arrived on Tuesday – well actually one… Continue Reading