How’s the new MFin class coming along?

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Next year’s class is still work in progress as admissions don’t close till the end of May. Last year we closed at the end of June (*) so we don’t have a like for like comparison, and there was quite a large late surge, which may not be repeated this year. All that said, we’re ahead on offers accepted and expect a slightly larger class than the current 45, but it’s too soon to know for sure.

In terms of nationalities we have students from (roughly in order of proportion of class): China, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, US, UK, Singapore, Australia, other Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Bulgaria), other Asia (Bangladesh, Japan) and rest of the world (Canada, Trinidad, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Turkey, UAE). Of these, Poland, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe are countries new to the MFin.

The proportion of women is 46%, up on 40% for the current class. Three quarters of the women are from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Singapore.

So, other than the high representation of East Asian women, the class looks reasonably diverse, as does the range of financial sectors that students are from.

There are several offers outstanding, some of which we hope will be accepted when scholarship decisions are made. We have at least eight more interviews next week, plus whatever applications come in by the end of the month.

(*) We brought forward the closing date because of the administrative problems arising from late applications in respect of visas and getting a college place.

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