MBAs as a way to find a husband

It’s not something readily spoken of, but one reason for doing and MBA (or MFin perhaps) is to find a wife or husband. Very few people will own up to this, though I have had someone personally tell me this was her motivation, in a quite matter of fact way. Indeed, she put her strategy, marketing and negotiation knowledge into her husband-hunt with great determination. How common this is I don’t know. I would guess it’s not a major consideration in choosing to spend a year or two of your life at university at great expense and opportunity cost.

Or so I thought. This video (thank you colleague Jenny Chu) put together by some evidently very talented Columbia MBA students has made me reconsider.

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    • I’m delighted to hear that. There are usually one or two marriages arising from the MBA. Last year there was an MBA-MFin couple too, though I don’t know if marriage is on the cards.

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