Dangerous Dimon (contd.)..

I wasn’t the only one to have a go at Jamie Dimon (see this post from June). Paul Krugman, a rather more distinguished blogger than me, has been trying to poke fun at him too. But Dimon’s latest outburst takes it rather beyond a joke, as Krugman acknowledges here.

By the way, the idea that satire is dead is an old one. One reference, though possibly not the first, is when the American singer-songwriter said that satire was dead after Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973, though he didn’t actually stop producing satirical songs. Kissinger, whose book “On China” I’m now reading, is regarded by some as a war criminal, notably by the brilliant Vanity Fair writer and public atheist, currently struggling with cancer, Christopher Hitchens (whose memoirs I also read recently). Whatever Kissinger’s alleged criminality, he is a key witness to the re-engagement of the USA with China under President Nixon (another dubious figure) so the book is very interesting.

This gives the impression that I read a lot but actually I’ve managed to squeeze all of my summer non-finance reading into a single paragraph.

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