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May Week is in June

After the end of the Easter (summer) term there is a week of partying called May Week. This always takes place in June (it once took place in May, hence the name). Undergraduates at Cambridge face a hugely stressful exam period because most or all of their final degree grade depends on five or six… Continue Reading

Graduation weekend

The MFin class of 2009-10 graduated last Saturday. I need to explain what this means. In Cambridge, you aren’t actually allowed to use the title MFin (or whatever degree you’ve got) unless you graduate, either in person or in absentia. If, as most choose, you do it in person you must go through a fairly… Continue Reading

The power of the brand

The University of Cambridge is a brand. To an economist, a brand is a piece of information that helps consumers by overcoming asymmetric information. In the commercial world, a good brand allows the producer to charge more than for for an unbranded item. I would guess that the most famous British brands around the world… Continue Reading

A week in the life

I often get asked about whether being the MFin director is a full time job. Well, sometimes it feels like it, but it’s supposed to be only a small part of my overall responsibilities. As the last week has been a particularly busy one, I thought I’d give some idea of what the rest of… Continue Reading